French Dental Association

The ADF is a federation of 25 professional associations that cover the full range of the dental profession.

It provides dentists with a wide range of services, including continuing professional education programmes, publications to keep abreast of new technologies and improve the work environment, product certification, and a bibliographic database. It also represents the French dental profession on an international level. Each year, the ADF organises an Annual Dental Meeting, a major event combining a Conference and an International Exhibition.

A unifying and leading force behind the dental profession

There are around 40,000 dentists practising in France. Nearly 30,000 of these – over three quarters – are members of the ADF through one of its many member organisations. Set up in 1970, the ADF now comprises no less than 26 national associations. This unique representative quality gives the French Dental Association a comprehensive grasp of all the developments in the field of oral health, and has made it a leading force in the implementation of new approaches and initiatives for the advancement of the dental profession.

Ensuring cohesion and advancement

The ADF Constitution stresses the unifying and co-ordinating role of the Association within the dental profession. Section 2 states the aims of the ADF as follows:

- To co-ordinate the action of its affiliated associations and ensure their cohesion;

- To represent the dental profession, particularly in dealings with the French public authorities and with international authorities;

- To defend the interests of the dental profession;

- To be the voice of the dental profession in dealings with the general public;

- To do the utmost to promote the dental profession and scientific progress in the field of dentistry, with particular regard to product certification and continuing professional education.

Today, ever faithful to the aspirations of its founders, the ADF provides dentists with a unique forum for discussion and exchange, thereby making a major contribution to the unity of the profession. The cohesiveness of its member associations and the vital work undertaken by its Statutory and Advisory Committees are key assets in the ADF’s endeavours to promote the advancement of the profession, for the benefit of the entire dental community.

Working for progress and quality

The ADF works for the benefit of the general public as well as that of the dental community, with the future of the dental profession as a permanent guideline. It has set its aims accordingly and is putting all its efforts into encouraging scientific progress, raising the quality standards of products and equipment, improving service and the dentist-patient relationship, bringing forward new prevention methods, and finding better ways of answering the expectations of patients.

Defending dentists in France and abroad

Through the diversity of its affiliated organisations and member associations, through the wide range of its activities, the French Dental Association guarantees that the plurality of the dental profession is appropriately represented within the framework of public health actions. As a major representative of the dental profession, the ADF also ensures that a permanent dialog is established on a national and international level between the profession and its key partners, including decision makers, public authorities and the media.

The ADF promotes and maintains constant exchange between the main players in the dental field: the public authorities, the Conseil National de l’Ordre des Chirurgiens-Dentistes (the regulatory body for dentistry in France), hospital and university administrators, dental manufacturers, and doctors and pharmacists.

The ADF is the voice of the dental profession not only in France, but also abroad, where it represents France within international professional organisations such as the FDI World Dental Federation and the European Regional Organisation of the FDI (ERO-FDI). The ADF also works in close partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and, through its collaboration with the French national organisation for standardisation (Afnor), actively contributes to the work of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Taking the profession forward


Its varied membership and its scope of action in France and abroad enable the ADF not only to represent the profession but also to foster future-oriented thinking and to take a proactive stand on behalf of the entire dental profession, as shown by the major developments in this area over the past few years. The ADF was for example instrumental in organising a qualifying diploma for dental practice and setting up curricular reforms. It is also actively involved in the advancement of the profession through its dynamic contribution to the development of academic training and continuing professional education, the creation of assessment tools, and the implementation of common professional standards for dental practitioners.

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